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Interview BeatzMaking : Buda & Grandz

BeatzMaking : Hi guys, can you make a presentation of your duo?

Buda & Grandz : We are America’s favorite duo. Buda & Grandz.

BM : When and how did you come to work together?

B&G : We met in 2005, at school IAR.

BM : You seem to have two very different personalities, Buda rather talkative and Grandz discreet enough, is that your differences that make all your strength?

B&G : Yes, we thrive of each other’s strengths. That’s what’s gives us an advantage over others.

BM : Initially, did you want to choose a name for your duo or not at all?

B&G : We both were already producing when we met, so we just kept and names and just put an « and » in between. In hindsight, I think a group name would have served us better.

BM : What are the producers who have given you the want to make beats?

B&G : The usuals, Rza, Kanye, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Dr Dre, Alchemist.

BM : You have a very NY style, very deep, soulful, could you make a style totally opposite for an artist if you were asked?

B&G : Yes we can, and actually have already. We work with a few R&B artists. Like Jazzy Amra, Katt Rockell, and Estelle. We have even done a reggae track! Lol

BM : Your resumé is very impressive, 50 Cent to Meek Mill through The Lox, Juelz, Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones … you adapt to the artist or the artist try to fits your beats?

B&G : So far with most of our placements, the beats were already done, and the artist usually writes to them.

BM : Which of these collaborations has impressed you the most? And that which you most served next?

B&G : We have constantly been impressed with Dave East, and how much he’s grown in such a short period of time.

BM : You all are in the front line for his buzz, what is your relationship?

B&G : We have a very close relationship with Dave, he is like family. We have been there through most of his musical journey. And will continue to do so.

BM : Fred The Godson emerged at the same time as y’all, I guess it’s better to move forward with fam in this shark environment?

B&G : Yes always better. We as producers feel in order to become legendary and really leave your mark, you must bring something to the game. And we have shown that with Fred, Dave, and next Jazzy. We also have another artist we are working very closely with right now, by the name of Haddy Racks.

BM : Sometimes you work with other producers like Beat Butcha or VDon … how do you work with them? What is the division of labor?

B&G : Beat Butcha is our brother, he comes to the states a few times a year, and every time he does we lock in. We usually collaborate with other producers in the studio. We prefer being there and creating from scratch.

BM : Regarding production, is the sample clearage always so complicated?

B&G : Lately we have trying to stay away from samples, it can cause a lot of problems and headaches. But if the sample is undeniable we have no choice, lol

BM : Do you think internet has broken the rules or has broken the industry?

B&G : We think it has helped in many ways as far as being more convenient. But it also gives everyone access, and that isn’t always a good thing. Especially in this competitive market.

BM : Are you already come to Europe or even in France? Is it in your plans ?

B&G : We have yet to go overseas as a duo. But definitely plan on doing so in the near future. Well Definitley let you guys know when we do!

BM : Could you work with a French artist even if you do not understand the language?

B&G : Yes, we believe that the music is all about the vibe and feeling. There’s no language for that.

BM : Do you have any advice for producers from here ? Cause that very few making their name, even if they produce the biggest hits.

B&G : Best advice we can give is to believe in yourself, work hard, perfect your craft, create of off feeling, and not what you hear on the radio. Also building a strong team with like minded individuals.

BM : Finally, what is next for Buda & Grandz? What should we expect for the end of 2015, 2016 and the future?

B&G : We have some big records coming out that we can’t speak on just yet. We worked with Dave East on his album, also working with Wyclef Jean who is our mentor. And developing our artist Jazzy. Look out for an official drum kit, and we are also starting a producer family called Legion Of Boom.

BM : Thank y’all guys, hope to see y’all soon in our country.

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